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OK Here we go - My brother has been bugging me to write some of the history of the '55 on the page, so I'll start with this.

The '55...This is my 1955 Chevrolet. It's a 210 four door that originally had a 6 cyl. engine and a 2-speed powerglide tranny. When I got it, it didn't run. The interior was home to countless mice, and it had two flat tires. I can't find any really old pictures of it now, but in this one the only modifications are the white paint on the back end, cut coil springs (one coil) and the wheels and tires.

UPDATE!!!! I found these old photos from October 1994, right after I got it running and had the new tires on it. It looks like I was taking some out-of-the-barn shots... there's my barn in the background of some of the shots.


It had just over 102 thousand miles on it and had been in a barn since 1969. The last service tag was still on the door jamb dated July '69. I got it running and drove it for for several months until the engine finally gave out.

I put a new stock green interior in it. Marshall (my youngest brother) helped me paint the white part one evening. Then I built a 355 small block with an Edelbrock intake and carb (750, too much carb...), headers, a built turbo 350 tranny, and the original 3.55:1 rear end. It ran great! I drove it like this for a few years, until I bought my pickup and needed an engine. So, I yanked the 350 out and planned on putting in a 454 that I had lying around in the garage. I rebuilt the heads, got new mounts, headers, intake, etc. but decided that if I had the 454 in it, I wouldn't drive it as much... too hot for a cruiser.

So I bought a 1980 Chevy Impala wagon with a 305/4v and turbo 350 and put those in it. That's how it's running today. It gets almost 20 mpg, and starts up every time with one push of the gas pedal. I have an 200-R4 automatic in the garage that I'm planning on installing during the next down time. It'll give me an overdrive for even better mileage, and better cruising.

I recently got adapters to put the TSW wheels that I used to have on my turbo Beetle. These adapters go from the 5 on 4 3/4 Chevy pattern to the 5 on 100mm VW pattern. They also happen to be 1 1/2 inches thick, the very difference in the back-spacing of these wheels and my rallys that I used to run on it. So they fit great! I have 215 - 45 - 17" on the front, and 255 - 50 - 17" on the rear. The stance is great, the rear tires clear by about an inch on each side, and it drives surprisingly smooth.

I'm not sure what color I'm going to paint it yet. I am toying with the idea of black or silver, or black and silver. Or the stock green (probably not, though).

'55 page two - I've added updated shots of the body work. No big deal, just a couple dimples in the sheetmetal. Click on the wheel below to go to the next page.

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