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Body work...There really isn't that much body work to do. The car had set in a barn from 1969 to 199? when I found it. It appears that the car has had some work done on the front before, but the fenders, hood, grill, bumpers, etc. are all in VERY good condition for being 47 years old. There are a few dings like the ones in the passenger rear door and the drivers rear door.

The hood WAS perfect, until one rainy day under a tarp... when the tarp filled with water and dumped who-knows-how-much water on the hood in one splat. There were several little dimples and the hood was 'oil-canning'. I had to pound out a few dings, and restore the center ridge. But it looks pretty good now.

While I have it in the garage doing the dings, I decided to paint the front drums. They look much nicer painted chevy orange, especially through the wide openings of the 17" wheels. I'll do the whole rear-end later, when I switch over to the overdrive tranny. I'll probably paint the rear springs again, probably orange or ?? (not black again) and I think I'll even paint the gas tank.

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