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January 2008 Updates

Gasser Update


'55 Chev... x4-door


This is my brother Mark working on the rear axle for the '55. It's a 10 bolt 3.73 rear out of a 1986 Monte Carlo SS. It's an open rear now, but I can fix that... We had to torch off the mounting pads...


...then grind off the excess. It went pretty quick...  

... and Mark did an excellent job, as you can see. We installed the rear in the car and it did exactly what I hoped. It pulled the wheels in exactly one inch per side. The rear is 58" wide as apposed to 60" for the stock '55 rear. With the Americans I have to install, I chould have just enough to run the 8.5" wide wheels with some pretty wide rubber.     f


I decided to put new body mount bushings on while I had the car tore down this far. As you can see the old ones were pretty bad.


I am also installing the side motor mounts and a tranny crossmember. The motor mounts will move everything ahead about an inch. The headers need this to clear the front body mount bracket. I'll add images as I install them.