6 Speed Conversion

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Interior 12-28-05

Deconstrucion       I had the best helper removing the seats. My 6-year old daughter removed all the screws and unbolted the seats. I had to remove them from the car, though, a bit too heavy for her. I couldn't believe how messy the carpet was after so many years sitting... I guess it needs a good cleaning, or perhaps a new set.  

The carpet has to be pulled back so I can cut a hole in the floor for the shifter to come through. Also, it makes sense to move it out of the way for all the work that needs to happen under the dash. I have to move a couple things out of the way to allow the pedal assembly to attach to the firewall. (See the image below)



This is the floor with the carpet out. Looks clean enough to eat off of!

    Last look at the pedals like this...  

These are the panels that need to move. I'll have to make a bracket to hold them.